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sorry mom
Anonymous: if you made more of those linens and sold them i would so buy one Ive been wanting something similar for my dorm for some time x

Ahh really? I’ve wanted to sell some of my art for a while. The only thing is that the tapestry took me 6 hours hahaha but I’ll definitely consider it after I’m done moving!

Anonymous: do you think you could dedicate part of a day to yougoing through your messages or start to go through them little by little? i know tumblr isnt your life just i sent a few messages a few months ago and i was hoping you could read them i didnt want to send more because i dont want to be a pest of annoying..

I never get annoyed by messages! I’m really sorry most of the time I don’t have time to reply to every message… Go ahead and resend it, I’ll try harder to reply from now on