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sorry mom
A wounded dear leaps the highest.
― Emily Dickinson (via observando)
Anonymous: PLLLEEEEEASSSSE don't redye your hair. it looks wonderful au natural.

the picture i just posted is not my natural hair color if that’s what you’re referring to. My natural hair is medium/dark blonde… It’s currently light purple/silver/blonde and i think i’m gonna keep it this color for a while c:

Anonymous: this is gonna seem like an odd question, but you posted a photo of your little sister on twitter and in the picture she is wearing this pearl bracelet and i was wondering if you knew where it was from because i wanted to get one like that for my little cousin for her birthday c:

i don’t know where she got it, sorry! maybe claire’s, she loves that store. 

Anonymous: Was the ex best friend letter and the ex boyfriend letter to the same person?

noooooooooo different people