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Anonymous: So you're basically one of those people who hates listening to others and only likes talking to themselves? Hypocritical in a way. People love talking about themselves, it's the best way to keep a conversation going. It's human nature, hating someone for that is just being a hypocrite; because you previously stated in your last ask that you hate when people don't listen?

I love listening to people. I love hearing about their day, their views on things, especially when they talk about their passions. I was just stating that it gets annoying after a while of listening to everyone, it feels like when I try to talk about myself they don’t care. That’s my pet peeve, wasn’t trying to be hypocritical at all. I just need better listeners in my life. Also I said I hate it when people do this, not hate people who do it.

Anonymous: pet peeves?

This is a good question I like this question because I can rant.

PEOPLE WHO DONT KNOW HOW TO LISTEN AND ONLY TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES. This bothers me so much because if someone keeps talking about themselves to me it eventually feels like they don’t care about my day or life or anything I have to say. 

I always make sure I know how my friends are feeling/doing and always ask how their day is going BUT IT KILLS ME WHEN THEY DON’T DO THE SAME EWOILRJHSDIKFJGU

Anonymous: Why would someone want to ask you for advice? You're a privileged white girl.

so what? i’ve been through a lot believe it or not, donut judge me if you don’t know me *snap snap*