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sorry mom
Anonymous: this is gonna seem like an odd question, but you posted a photo of your little sister on twitter and in the picture she is wearing this pearl bracelet and i was wondering if you knew where it was from because i wanted to get one like that for my little cousin for her birthday c:

i don’t know where she got it, sorry! maybe claire’s, she loves that store. 

Anonymous: Was the ex best friend letter and the ex boyfriend letter to the same person?

noooooooooo different people

Anonymous: dear boyfriend

Thank you. You have taught me so much, and continue to do so. Nobody makes me laugh as hard or as easily as you do… Some of my favorite memories of my whole life were created with you. It sucks being so far away from you when all I want to do is kiss you hand hug you and spoon you and listen to you talk for hours and hours. You are talented, kindhearted, hilarious, handsome, chivalrous, adorable, unique, and overall perfect. I have never been as deeply in love with someone as I am with you… You make me feel like I have never even experienced love (maybe I haven’t, until now.) I love you fuzzy lumpkin 😘😘

Anonymous: dear past me

You’ve come such a long way. Depression is something that not many people understand fully, and the fact that you overcame the constant sadness of everyday life, self harm, and suicidal thoughts makes me very very proud of you. I don’t regret anything you’ve done, because it’s all made you who you are today. I wish I could go back in time and tell you how beautiful you are. Also I wish I could fix your stupid haircut.

Anonymous: Dear future self

I really, really hope you are doing something you love. I hope you are happier than you have ever been, and are spending your days making money in doing the thing you love to do; creating art and helping others express themselves.
I hope all my hard work has paid off.

Anonymous: "Dear person I had a crush on" :)

What started as a crush has now blossomed into a beautiful, adventurous, playful, and passionate relationship. I feel so lucky that you noticed me… I had the biggest crush on you and the second I saw you replied to my ask I threw my phone across the room and screamed. You made me so nervous, but I slowly started opening up to you and asked to to be mine that one day after breakfast. I love you Maiko, I continue to have a crush on you that grows every day.